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My love of photography started many years ago in high school. I would lose all track of time, skipping meals and bathroom breaks (but no classes, of course...:^) in the tiny darkroom, excitedly waiting for the next image to magically appear on the paper soaking in the pan of developer. Clearly I am dating myself, since this is well before digital photography took off. I would emerge blinking in the light hours and hours later, light-headed from a combination of hunger and developing chemicals.

Now it's 20 years later, and with formal training from Ryerson's Photographic Arts Program plus a full family of five, my passion for capturing beautiful images has only grown. The practices have changed (no more loopy-head-inducing chemicals), but the goal remains the same. To create a permanent record of a fleeting moment in time. Portraits of your children are like a vintage wine (or stinky cheese, which may be a better comparison at times); they only increase in value as time goes by.

Whether you decide to hire me or experiment with your own little point-and-shoot, don't put those photos off. You just don't get this time back.